Hi you, nice that you’re visiting my website!


Let me tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Nathalie Patty,
DJ & model living in Amsterdam.

Ever since I was little I had a creative mind. Everything was an adventure. I walked with a mirror outside to walk on the clouds. Just jumping from one to another cloud. Yes, I even had imaginary friends. When my brother and sister went to school, I went upstairs to their room. I grabbed my tapes of Beauty and the Beast and put it in my first Sony including a microphone. I had a love for music! Besides singing along with the Disney classics

I listened to my mother’s music. She had a ton of cd’s and tapes which we played all the time. My sister played all kind of instruments and my brother had his own turntables with vinyl records. I really loved to hear my sister playing the sax or when my brother mixed his vinyl’s. He played his set for me and then I had to listen the beat of both records were matching and if I liked his ‘mixtape’. So, music was always around.


“You must do the thing you think you cannot do” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Nathalie Patty

“I want to enjoy all the things that I do. Some things in life doesn’t go the way expected, but it only makes you stronger”